• 1150 Hungryneck Blvd, Suite C351, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464
  • (843) 793-8684
  • info@sistersummitfoundation.org


Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp
“I walked in not sure of where to start, but I left with a clear plan of action. Thank you for a wonderful day with other women as we learned new strategies to launch our business.”

“I have been in business for three years and discovered new things to push my business forward. It was a great conference. I’m looking forward to more!”

Sponsorship Workshop
“I’ve paid for programs to learn this information that were total rip-offs. Win Sponsors is concise, specific, and effective.  You will leave with the tools you need to make partnerships happen.”

Youth Soul Camp
“I greatly appreciated your girl talk. Thank you for empowering women and planting seeds in our young people. You are AWESOME!”

“Thank you for allowing Epworth’s young ladies to be inspired, motivated, and empowered today. They had an awesome time and we are truly grateful for your generosity to make this happen for them.”

“I had a good time at Soul Camp and loved the speaker on computer coding. It’s what I want to do when I grow up.”

Sister Summit
“I have never been a part of anything to this magnitude. I’m proud of the image that you push for us Brown Girls to have a platform to show the world that we are NOT how we are portrayed on TV. We are educated. We are strong. We are encouraging and uplifting beings. We do love each other and we can love ourselves. Thank you so much for this opportunity.”

“Such a refreshing way to spend a few hours helping minority businesses, learning how to better ourselves, networking and empowering others to want more for themselves and our community.”

“Congratulations on another successful program, and even further clarity of your vision. You are very important to the needs of our community and specifically to the women of our community. We “collectively” have so much potential, but only if we take the time to step out on faith to make it happen. Pats on the back, fist bumps and high fives to the Sister Summit Team. I’m anxiously awaiting the next event.”

Sister Cinema
“This event was everything I expected and more! Great films! Great dialogue! Great people! Thank you Sister Cinema!”

“What an absolutely PHENOMENAL event! Deep thought-provoking independent films and an even deeper discussion afterwards. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to the next one!”